Sigma Kappa

Alumnae Experience

Alumnae Experience

It's Not Just For Four Years-It's For Life!

The collegiate experience is only one part of life as a Sigma Kappa. After graduation, you can expect to hold onto the friendships and sisterhood you created during your college years. Our network of over 165,000 sisters can be leaned upon in order to get a head start into your career and life goals. With over 110 alumnae chapters across the globe, you will never be far away from a sister and friend.

At Epsilon Alpha, we pride ourselves on helping amazing young students grow during their college years into bold, engaging, and brave leaders. Our chapter holds onto these members and their legacies, giving them a support system when they need it most.

Years after graduation, a Sigma Kappa can still expect phone calls from old sisters, cookouts at the Sorority house, and the never-ending bond of sisterhood.