Chapter Philanthropy

Sigma Kappa is founded upon four main values, one of which is Service. Giving back with our time, funds, and heart is one of the most rewarding experiences someone can have. The sisters of Epsilon Alpha recognize this, and spend much of our time planning and participating in philanthropic events and community service. Sigma Kappa focuses on five main philanthropies and Epsilon Alpha participates in every one, in order to create a more well-rounded volunteering experience.


The Sigma Kappa Foundation

The Sigma Kappa Foundation was created by Sigma Kappa Sorority for multiple purposes, including providing scholarships for sisters, grants to chapters, assistance to sisters and alumnae in need, and donations to our other four philanthropies.

In order to raise money for the Foundation, the sisters host a week of charity events called "UltraViolet Week." From this, our annual "Stick it to Alzheimer's" event was created, where we collect donations for the Foundation, and raise awareness for Alzheimer's disease. To end the week, we finish by coming together with the Lenoir-Rhyne Community to stick Jodi Jabs, our Fraternity and Sorority Adviser, to the wall using duct tape! 


Inherit the Earth

Inherit the Earth was created by Sigma Kappa to help combat climate change and pollution of the Earth. They recognized that the Earth is not ours alone, instead, it needs to be preserved for future generations of people across the globe. Inherit the Earth encourages college students to end pollution, clean-up our world, and help preserve it for generations to come.

As part of our mission to help keep the Earth clean, Epsilon Alpha has adopted a stretch of Lenoir-Rhyne Boulevard to clean up. Sisters and other L-R students come together to pick up trash and other littered objects across the stretch of road and do our part to end littering.



In 1984, Sigma Kappa added Gerontology as one of its main philanthropies after realizing that awareness and research in this area was significantly lacking. SK works to increase research and care for seniors, and help everyone be healthy and happy through all phases of their life.

Epsilon Alpha visits Trinity Ridge Nursing Home twice a month to assist the workers, make cards for the residents, and simply interact with them. It is one of our favorite community service projects, and we love visiting. We also attend special events for them, like the Valentine's Day Social and the Second Chance Prom.


Maine Sea Coast Mission

Sigma Kappa was founded in Waterville, Maine; and now use the Maine Sea Coast Mission as a way to recognize and give back to our roots. In the Winter months, many fishermen and their families are unable to get work or supplies they need to survive. The Mission allows for people to donate supplies and money to those who need it.

At Epsilon Alpha, down in North Carolina, we are unfortunately unable to physically assist with the Maine Sea Coast Mission, so we do what we can from eight states away. This involves fundraisers and philanthropic donations from our chapter. This Spring, we sold Valentine's Day flowers and chocolates to raise money for the Mission.


Alzheimer's Disease

The biggest philanthropy Sigma Kappa supports is the Alzheimer's Association, devoted to finding a cure for a debilitating and tragic disease. SK has become on of the biggest donors to the Alzheimer's Association, giving donations to spread awareness, increase research efforts, and help those affected by the disease.

Epsilon Alpha recognizes how terrible the disease is, and we are just as committed to finding a cure. The chapter regularly holds tabling events and spreads information to try to increase awareness, and hold fundraising opportunities several times a year. The biggest fundraiser is the Walk to End Alz, hosted by the Alzheimer's Association. Last year, we raised over $1,000 for our Walk!



Check out our "National Philanthropy" tab to get more information on each one, or our "Photos" tab to see Epsilon Alpha in Action!