Sigma Kappa



As an organization Sigma Kappa encourages our members to be involved in their campus and community. Because of this focus on involvement outside of Sigma Kappa, our sisters are able to engage with the campus and community in ways that are important to them by hosting and participating in a number of different events.

Upcoming Events

In its continuous endeavor to foster personal growth and the spirit of service and friendship within the chapter, Sigma Kappa encourages members to be active in their community as well as on campus. Epsilon Alpha is proud to have sisters involved in a myriad of different clubs and organizations and seeks to celebrate and continue the chapter's involvement in the community through events.

Recruitment 2021 will be taking place this Fall from September 3rd through 5th! Have questions? Email our Vice President of Membership, Kaylee Parker, at

Unfortunately, at this time, due to COVID-19, we do not have any other major events planned. Please stay safe, wash your hands, and get tested if you have any symptoms! We will update the site as soon as we can with any more information on future engagements!